Pilates is a form of exercise created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. It is a balance of strength and mobility exercises, performed with minimal repetitions that do not overuse or unduly fatigue the muscles. There is a focus on breathing technique, in order to allow the core muscles of the body to work effectively and efficiently, minimising unnecessary strain on the rest of the body. It provides a balance to the body and has been probably been best known for its benefits for those with back problems.

Regardless of fitness level, age, injury or postural disadvantages, everyone can benefit from practising modified versions of the original 34 moves created by Joseph Pilates.

The Pilates Institute are an international organisation operating in 25 countries. Pilates Institute tutors are not only dedicated to the technique developed by Joseph Pilates, but apply current research in order to ensure pupils receive the most up to date training possible.