Hello there...so, a bit about me!

I'm a 44 year old mother of one and have always given priority to staying fit and active, starting as a gymnast at a very young age, then participating in competitive sports right the way through to my late teens.

I also studied music and classical singing and as a result have grown up with an awareness of how a fit healthy body can equip you to perform not only sports and performance, but everyday activities to the best of your ability.

I continued with distance running through my 20s, a degree in Business Management from King's College, London, a career in advertising and then marketing - all the while still studying classical singing - but I was starting to experience the stresses and strains impact sports could place on the body.

It was then that I discovered Pilates, quite briefly, but enough to know that it could complement the other activities in my life.

It was only when I had my son and experienced a twisted vertebra from pressure applied by him to my ribs whilst pregnant, that I decided to deepen my study of the method further so I could maximise the benefits for my post-pregnancy, slightly battered, body!

I began teaching while still working in marketing, but soon realised there were not enough hours in the day so became a full-time instructor and have never looked back!

The thing I love about teaching is that you really can teach anybody Pilates - from young to old, beginner to competitive sports people - and everyone can improve and see the benefits. It is incredibly satisfying to see people progress and I like to think I offer a fun and relaxing environment within which to learn Pilates and to work towards seeing those improvements!

So that's me - if you wish to know anything else, just drop me a line!

Bye for now,